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About Us:

  • AchetyaB2B Solutions is a leading B2B lead generation and marketing company.
  • We specialize in providing services such as marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, LinkedIn leads, demand generation services, appointment setting services, email marketing, startup lead generation services, sales funnel & pipeline management, pay per appointment leads services, technology mapping, market intelligence reports and data cleansing services. 
  • Our comprehensive range of services helps businesses to effectively generate leads, nurture prospects, and drive sales growth.


Our mission is to empower businesses with high-quality leads and strategic marketing solutions to fuel their growth and success in the B2B marketplace.


We aspire to be the go-to marketplace for B2B leads, revolutionizing the industry with our comprehensive and dynamic approach.


Our cohesive team at AchetyaB2B Solution is composed of highly skilled professionals boasting extensive experience in B2B lead generation, marketing, and sales. Each team member contributes unique expertise and a shared passion for driving business success. Collaborating seamlessly, we unite our diverse skills to craft and implement customized strategies, execute impactful campaigns, and continually optimize results for our valued clients. 

Core Values:

  1. Customer-centricity: Prioritize Our Clients

  2. Integrity: Honesty, Transparency, and Ethical Standards.

  3. Innovation: Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions to our clients.

  4. Collaboration: Teamwork, Communication, and knowledge sharing.

  5. Results-driven: Contribute to our Clients’ Business Growth.

AchetyaB2B Services

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AchetyaB2B specializes in B2B lead generation, offering role-based, install-based, industry-based, and geography-based leads. We create custom databases tailored to specific customer filters and requirements.

AchetyaB2B provides data cleansing services, fixing typos, duplicates, inaccuracies, and ensuring accurate information based on customer needs.

We match technology solutions to specific project needs, helping clients target competitor users, integration partners users, or customer lists.

We specialize in competitive market analysis, technology application potential, detailed geographic analysis. Our reports include competitor usage insights, market analysis & sizing and scope of applications to empowering clients for better decisions.

Empower your business with our exceptional sales team, dedicated to overcoming any challenge and generating leads that exceed expectations.

Startup Marketing

We specialize in startup marketing, crafting tailored strategies to elevate brand presence, drive growth, and reach target audiences effectively. Our focus is on innovative approaches to maximize visibility and engagement for emerging businesses.

Iterative, theme-based email campaigns targeting customer ecosystems. Leverage vast website data for precise profiles, customizable templates, and analytics refining future campaigns. All-inclusive assisted service, no extra investments needed.

Sales-ready leads meeting criteria: financial, decision-makers, needs. We analyze their solutions and challenges for complete understanding pre-engagement.

Comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored for success. From SEO to social media, we elevate brands with impactful strategies. Your one-stop destination for a thriving online presence.

Industries We Cover

Transportation and Logistics



Software and IT

Non Profit



Media and Communication

Corporate Services

Energy and Mining


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is AchetyaB2B database legal?

Ans: Yes AchetyaB2B provide legal database. We follow all data privacy regulation. 

Is your database consent-based?

Ans: No, we generate database on the basis of legitimate interest. Consent should be for different different purpose so client needs to take consent. 

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